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the motionKit

the motionKit


23 wooden pieces that nudge, roll, spin, and tilt, transforming household objects into funky chain reaction contraptions, also known as Rube Goldberg Machines!


It's open-ended play that can scale in complexity, depending on your imagination and play style: knock a ball off the table in 2 steps, turn the lights off in 15 steps, or simply reimagine your morning routine. 


Each kit includes 53 challenge cards that combine for 1000s of combinations, as well as access to our onlinie challenge progression. Or go screen free and opt for a printed version of the challenge progression. 

  • The motionKit pieces are designed to interact with eachother and household objects, like old toys and things from the recycling. The 54 challenge cards include 3 categories: motionKit piece combination cards, household object cards, and goal cards. Laying out three cards can serve as a blueprint for your machine, and can combine in +10,000 ways, so you’ll never run out of ideas of what to build. 

    Every kit gives you access to our challenge progression, where you can learn about using the engineering design process to create your own chain reaction machine and follow step-by-step guides to building pre-designed machines. You can also purchase a physical version of this in our shop! 

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