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You got questions? We got answers.

  • When and where can I get a motionKit?
    Here! And now!
  • What comes in a Momentix MotionKit?
    Look at her dancing away! We made that! In addition to everything you see in the photo below, you'll get: 1. A beautiful box to store it all in 2. Cards that you can use like to generate a challenge 3. Access to our online set of challenges: a set of increasingly difficult machines + ideas for re-inventing them If you want a physical copy of the challenge booklet, including an intro to the engineering design process, this can be added for a little bit more!
  • Why does the motionKit cost so much?
    We know... you can get a box the same size on Amazon for $30, so what's the deal?! All of our pieces are made of FSC certified sustainable wood and come PACKED in the box-- none of that "open the box to find that half of it is just packaging." The cost of making out of wood is just straight up more-- but for good reason! It's more sustainable and lasts way longer. Although the designs may look simple, we designed each piece to be used many different ways, and to interact with other pieces and objects from around the house. This creates an open-ended play experience, so you can keep building (not a one-and-done kit).
  • I have a really smart 3 year old, is this good for them?"
    Our toys pass international safety standards for ages 5 and up, so we cannot recommend our toys for kids under 5 years of age. However, no age is too young to start experimenting with mechanical cause and effect-- maybe there are ways to use the 3 and under approved toys you already own to help them start learning! Please be mindful that there are small balls that could be a choking hazard for small children.
  • I'm an educator and am interested in Momentix for my classroom!
    Yay! We want to talk with you, so please email us. We've built curriculum that aligns with NGSS standards but are always looking for collaborators as well. Bulk educational discounts are available, as are discounts for curriculum development.
  • What is Momentix made of?
    All of our pieces are made from wood and sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests. We also have three glass marbles and one metal hook, as well as some metal attachment pieces. We love wood because it's sturdier and allows a richer tactile experience when kids play: they feel like they're really building something! Plus, we have beef with the toy industry's obsession with plastic. In 2020, the toy industry produced enough plastic to fill almost 7,500 football stadiums solid. With the toy industry being the most plastic-intensive in the world, the current and future health of today's kids is actively threatened by the plastic toys they play with today.
  • What testing have you done?
    Our toys have undergone testing from a third party U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)-approved third party testing laboratory to comply with the strict safety standards as required by the U.S. CPSC (ASTM F963) and the EU (EN71).
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