You got questions? We got answers.


When are you launching?

Like all things in life, timing is key. We've poured so much blood, sweat, and tears into making Momentix, that we want to make sure we get the timing right. If you sign up for our email list, you'll be the first to know the exact date, but it will be early September 2021.

What comes in a Momentix MotionKit?

Look at her dancing away! We made that! In addition to everything you see in the photo below, you'll get: 1. A beauitful box to store it all in 2. Cards that you can use like to generate a challenge 3. A set of increasingly difficult machines + ideas for re-inventing them

How much will a Momentix MotionKit cost?

Raw materials like wood and things like shipping are expensive right now due to the COVID pandemic, which is impacting what we can afford to sell each kit for. Our earliest backers (AKA pre-orderers) will have a chance to buy one of a limited number of discounted kits at the start of our campaign, so make sure you sign up to be notified when we launch. The average price will be about $85, with earlier backers paying less and later backers paying more.

What is Kickstarter and How does it work?

Kickstarter is basically a pre-order platform that was invented to help creators like us navigate the high cost of putting in a minimum order at a factory. By pre-ordering our kit, you'll enable us to place our order with the factory. There will be a manufacturing delay (usually about 6 months), but as soon as the kits are made, they'll be shipped to you. Prior to opening pre-orders, we'll have all the safety testing done and we'll know exactly how much the kits will cost to make and ship.

When will I receive my MotionKit?

If you back us during our Kickstarter launch, you'll receive your kit 4-6 months after the campaign is over. Throughout that time period, we will communicate clearly with you about any delays we might encounter. Once we hand the manufacturing process over to the factory, the length of time it takes is not directly under our control, but the estimate we have from them is up to 6 months after the order date.

I have a really smart 3 year old, is this good for them?

Our toys pass international safety standards for ages 5 and up, so we cannot recommend our toys for kids under 5 years of age. However, no age is too young to start experimenting with mechanical cause and effect-- maybe there are ways to use the 3 and under approved toys you already own to help them start learning!

I'm an educator and am interested in Momentix for my classroom!

Yay! We want to talk with you, so please email us.We want to put together curriculum for use in schools, and we would love your help and input in that process. Bulk educational discounts are available, as are discounts for curriculum development.