Build chain reactions with all the stuff you forgot you had + don't use anymore.


(plus you'll learn to think better)


How it works

Play for all ages
Play for all ages

Think on the spot to solve the next kinetic problem

Beautiful Design isn't just for chairs
Beautiful Design isn't just for chairs

Work of art or toy kit? We think play deserves to be beautiful and valued as a use of time.

Make a mess
Make a mess

Failure is scary, and so we avoid risks. When you play, the stakes are low. An easy place to start flexing your failure muscles.

Play for all ages
Play for all ages

Think on the spot to solve the next kinetic problem


Launching Summer 2021


Practice Creativity

Improvise + Problem solve

Learn to Fail


In the 21st century world,

we need human skills

more than ever.


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To get Unstuck, 

Think with your hands.

How to solve problems the way your human brain evolved to. 

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About Us

from physicists to toy designers

Alana Aamodt


Idea generating powerhouse on a mission to play creatively as possible. 

While studying physics and design in university, we realized that the world of engineering, tech, and science has a diversity problem. 

Creativity, collaboration, and curiosity--all critical design skills also associated with improved diversity in STEM--are undervalued in our schools and offices. So many of us (organizations and individuals) have a fear of failure that stunts the growth of truly innovative ideas by stopping creative risk before it happens. 

The best way for people of all ages to become confident with these skills is to do them in a low-stakes context.


Play is a great place to start when it comes to changing our attitudes at the individual and organizational level. We want to use play to instigate a culture change that embraces playful failure and curiosity as critical ways to change the world. 

Anna Gilbertson


Resident contrarian and recovering cynic with a penchant for detail. 


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