We make toys that use chain reaction machines to teach critical STEAM skills to kids 7 and up.  




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How does it work?

Kids build with Momentix pieces...

...and combine them with things they already have...

...to create chain reaction machines!

Our Challenge Cards give them a place to start

Our Idea Booklet gives them the tools to get un-stuck while learning basic physics and design concepts

What's in a Kit?

play +

problem-solving create  


What makes a good scientist and what does open-ended play have to do with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)?

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chain reaction!

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Momentix was created by two recent physics grads. We noticed a discrepancy between the skills scientists and engineers really need and the ones we were taught to value.


The result was Momentix— a toy with built-in opportunities to practice creativity, resilience, and problem-solving.


Read more about how Rube Goldberg Machines facilitate learning.


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