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bringing design into STEM through the power of play

KCP Momentix (10 of 42)

More inclusive science, backed by science.   

STEM isn't just about finishing the test first, memorizing facts, and following instructions perfectly: it's about creative problem-solving, collaboration, and resilience. Research shows emphasizing these skills can help to close the STEM gap. 


Our toys create natural opportunities for kids to practice these skills through the process of building chain reaction machines. 


Beautiful +

Earth Friendly


Momentix offers a visual representation of science that is creative, beautiful, and expressive. Plus, our pieces are made of wood, so they'll last longer and won't become landfill.

Learning through




How can you use a low lever and a recycled bottle to press a button?  Can a spoon become a ramp? a lever? We use open-ended challenges to drive exploration rather than providing a set of steps to complete. 

Active +

Screen-free STEM


Reach up to hang a pulley, bend down to grab a ball to pass to your partner, carefully balance a lever--Momentix is active and collaborative STEM learning, without electronics.

How does it work?