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momentix motionKit chain reaction kit

bringing design into STEM through the power of play

Two kids excited because their wooden chain reaction machine just completed
motionKit box

More inclusive science, backed by science.   

STEM isn't just about finishing the test first, memorizing facts, and following instructions perfectly: it's about creative problem-solving, collaboration, and resilience. Research shows emphasizing these skills can help to close the STEM gap. 


Our toys create natural opportunities for kids to practice these skills through the process of building chain reaction machines. 

the building blocks of a ramp, a simple machine usedd for making Rube Goldberg Machines

Beautiful +

Earth Friendly


Momentix offers a visual representation of science that is creative, beautiful, and expressive. Plus, our pieces are made of wood, so they'll last longer and won't become landfill.

Learning through




How can you use a low lever and a recycled bottle to press a button?  Can a spoon become a ramp? a lever? We use open-ended challenges to drive exploration rather than providing a set of steps to complete. 

Active +

Screen-free STEM


Reach up to hang a pulley, bend down to grab a ball to pass to your partner, carefully balance a lever--Momentix is active and collaborative STEM learning, without electronics.

How does it work?

What is Momentix?
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how it works
A chain reaction machine / Rube Goldberg Machine including a zipline to crack an egg

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We write about the neuroscience of learning, benefits of hands-on play, and the latest research into participation gaps in STEM. 

A child celebrates resilience and curiosity as his chain reaction machine finishes successfully

7 Ways Rube Goldberg Machines can teach the Next Generation of scientists 

two kids help each other balance a momentix lever on a book in school while they build a Rube Goldberg Machine

To Get Unstuck, 
Think with your Hands 
(why hands-on learning is effective)


The Problems with Traditional STEM toys



Screen intensive games and robots emphasize coding as the core of STEM, leaving out more active, social kids who are just as needed in technical fields.

One-and-done Kits


Real science breakthroughs come from creative thinking and iterative problem-solving, but with those toys, you just learn to follow the steps. 

Plastic, Masculine


At an age when kids are learning to read social cues, branding toys with traditionally masculine colors sends a clear message about who belongs, and who doesn't.

Free Resources + Opportunities to join in

Dear Anna and Alana,

I think it'd be really cool if you made a machine that... 

the kit!

Alana shared a drawing with you 7.png

About Us

from studying physics to designing toys


Hi! We're Alana and Anna, physics students turned toy makers and play evangelists.

Alana built her first Rube Goldberg Machine in 5th grade, years before she'd ever heard of 'physics.' Fast forward to college, where Anna and Alana met and started talking about why there were so few women in their courses. 

After reading available research and reflecting on their own experiences, Anna and Alana realized the perfect solution was chain reaction machines. Fun, hands-on, creative, and collaborative, chain reaction machines are playful yet packed with opportunities to practice scientific thinking.


Alana started prototyping the first Momentix chain reaction kit that summer in the basement of the physics building. They went on to win their university pitch competition, and they've been testing Momentix kits with hundreds of kids, parents, and teachers since. 

Now, after years of experimenting and hard work, the motionKit is now available for YOU! 

About US
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